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Prospective Partners

Once More Please identifies the most useful and authoritative pieces of information and turns their essence into short films that go deep into the mind and heart of common people, in an easily and wholly understandable form and style, with practicability as prime consideration.

The prime focus will be on:

  • Awareness - Early detection and understanding of the symptoms
  • First Aid - Proper and timely administration of First Aid
  • Procedures - Correct procedures of medication and patient care
  • Life Style - Healthy and basic changes in habits and outlook
  • Home Remedies - Application of natural and immediate remedies
  • Counselling – whenever and wherever it becomes necessary

Who can become partners?

Any like-minded individual, institution or organisation can become a partner in this history-making humanitarian venture. The opportunities are umpteen and just a few are given below:

  • Helping with collection of data, scrutinizing, etc
  • Volunteering as model/actor/actress
  • Arranging the location/settings/ costumes/ other allied material or activity
  • Translating narration into regional languages
  • Giving music or voice for dubbing in regional languages
  • Volunteering as technical assistant in shooting/editing/dubbing/adding music
  • Assisting in distribution through electronic media and CDs/DVDs
  • Spreading the message through the print media
  • Joining in the campaign as individual/group in a region
  • Propagating among a segment of the population
  • Gathering people and conducting training classes for them based on these films
  • Including the screening of these films at public functions where people gather
  • Contributing your ideas for new films, cheaper production methods, etc

Let us all join hands to make the general public, especially the common people of India and the South East Asian Regional countries, be prepared to face health emergencies with confidence, get out of unhealthy habits and be educated and trained in the proper procedures of medication and patient care.


Name of individual, institution or organization :
Age and Sex (for individual) :
Email :
Phone :
Area of Partnership interested in :
Joining in the campaign as individual/group in(Mention the region) :
Propagating among (Mention the group or segment of community) :
I/We hereby agree to abide by the policies, terms and conditions of Once More Please and execute my/our contributory commitment, as mentioned above, without expecting/requesting any remuneration in cash or kind.