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Immediate Objectives

The immediate objectives of the project are the following:

  • Making common people prepared to face health emergencies
  • Teaching them how to recognise the preceding symptoms
  • Showing them the causes that lead to such emergencies
  • Telling them how to prevent occurrence and recurrence of such exigencies
  • Training them in the proper and correct use of First Aid techniques
  • Preparing and encouraging them to save others in such emergencies

Long-time Objectives

The long-time objectives of the project are the following:

  • Making our hospitals, educational institutions, libraries, police stations, government offices, etc function as training centres where everyone will be fully trained in the administration of First Aid in any emergency
  • Training our voluntary organizations, NGOs, religious congregations, political cadre groups, etc to become volunteers in a campaign of making all the common people prepared for meeting health emergencies
  • Preparing the general public to be prepared to face natural calamities, armed with the knowledge and skill they have gained in the administration of First Aid
  • Making the hazardous and vulnerable groups like drivers, old people and people with history of illnesses specially and fully prepared for health emergencies