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Cardiac Arrest
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How can you save a person from death by cardiac arrest?
If the patient is unconscious and not breathing,
call ambulance to take him to a hospital immediately
and then start CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).
If you are not already trained, just follow these steps:
  • kneel by the side of the victim   
  • interlock the fingers of your hands and  place them palms down on the lower half of the sternum, or breastbone 
  • keep your elbows straight 
  • bring your bodyweight over your hands to make it easier to press down vertically 
  • press down firmly and quickly to achieve a downwards movement of 4 to 5cm 
  • release all the pressure without losing  contact
  • then relax for a moment 
  • repeat the compression and relaxation 
  • do this 30 times 
Then begin artificial respiration, following these steps:
  • tilt the head back   
  • lift up the chin   
  • pinch the nostrils shut with two fingers to prevent leakage of air  
  • take a deep breath 
  • seal your own mouth over the person's mouth  
  • breathe slowly into the person's mouth taking two seconds 
  • do it once more 
  • begin CPR again   
You have to continue this 30:2 (30 chest compressions followed by 2 mouth-to-mouth respirations)
until help arrives.
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