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Paralytic Stroke
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What can you do when someone dear to you is suffering from a paralytic stroke?

Stroke occurs when there is a disturbance in the blood supply to the brain, due to lack of blood or leakage of blood. Usually one side of the brain is affected and the opposite half of the body suffers from full or partial immobility or weakness.

The symptoms may be:
  • Unable to move limbs on one side  
  • Unable to see one side of the visual field   
  • Unable to speak or understand commands  
  • Makes incomprehensible noise 
  • Shows agony on face 
  • Headache and vomiting  
  • Losing consciousness  
  • convulsions  
What can you do immediately?
  • First call the ambulance 
  • Lay down the patient with head and shoulders flat on a surface  
  • Place the patient on his left side with the chin extended to keep the airway open 
  • Allow vomit and secretions to drain out and wipe clean  
  • Never give any food or drink at this stage   
Remember that
If medical attention is delayed, death might occur.
Even after recovery, a long period physiotherapy and other rehabilitative treatment might be needed.
Stroke is “Brain Attack” and needs timely treatment like Heart Attack  
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