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How to stop drinking?
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Quitting drinking has a lot of benefits - physical, mental, spiritual, social and financial.  You can:
  • regain your health
  • prevent stroke, liver diseases, etc
  • reduce weight
  • get more concentration and better memory

You can also

  • feel spiritually elevated
  • better your family and social relationships
  • have more control on your finances

It should be your own decision and you must convince yourself that the quitting is necessary and that

  • you are getting rid of your greatest enemy
  • it is never too late to start
  • there is nothing more important in your life

Then you must:

  • Stay active and do regular exercises
  • get rid of all bottles, including empty ones
  • stop offering drinks to others
  • stop going places where there is likelihood of drinking
  • avoid the company of persons who may tempt you to drink
  • avoid food that usually encourages you to drink
  • drink a lot of water
  • tell everyone you are quitting
  • join a support group like Alcoholics Anonymous
  • make lists of ways to celebrate, to have a romantic dinner, etc, without alcohol
  • take a B-Vitamin supplement during the first week, as stoppage of alcohol might lessen the absorption of these vitamins, especially thiamine, from your food
  • practice yoga and meditation
  • seek doctor’s help before using anti-addiction drugs advised by quacks or friends

Whenever you feel like buying a bottle, put that amount in a wallet and be surprised to see how much you were spending on drinks.

After 90 days your whole outlook will be changed, your body will be in full recovery mode and you will be a completely different person.

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