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Muscle cramps
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Have you ever experienced the agony of muscle cramps? 
The whole muscle seems to tear away from your body and you feel indescribable pain.
What is actually happening?
Your body is fighting an electrolytic imbalance or shortage of some salts, like sodium, magnesium or potassium that conduct electricity inside your body.  Dehydration or over-exertion may also be the reasons.
What can you do to get rid of the pain and restore normalcy in your body?
There are some simple things you can do to get relief.
  • Stretch the muscle that is involved as much as possible.
  • Or you can contract the opposing muscle to stretch the affected muscle
  • Gently massage the muscle to make it relax.
  • Apply warmth from a heating pad or hot soak.


  • Apply ice to relieve the pain


  • Apply balms or liniments
  • Have some electrolytic drink containing sodium and potassium.

And here is how you can prepare a simple, yet effective, electrolytic drink.

  • Take some water, which is the carrier of electrolytes.
  • Add some common salt which contains sodium, an electrolyte.
  • Add some lemon juice which contains plenty of electrolytes.
  • Now you have one of the best electrolytic drinks in the world.

Juice of orange or grape can be taken alone or added to the above drink.  Banana is a great source of potassium.  Coconut milk is also a good ingredient in an electrolyte drink.

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