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Nose Bleeding in Children
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Nosebleeds in children cause great anxiety to the affected children and their parents.  But most of such nosebleeds, especially in children between 2 to 10 years of age, cure by themselves. Most of the nose-bleeding cases in children are caused by 
  • minor injuries due to sticking something in the nostril,
  • picking the nose, 
  • forceful nose blowing, 
  • allergic inflammation or 
  • exposure to hot and dry climate.   
 What can you do when you find your child bleeding from nose? 
  • first of all, calm him down and reassure him it is not serious
  • wipe off the blood that has come out
  • you can also wash with cool water and wipe dry    
  • make him sit erect on a chair    
  • make him lean slightly forward tilting the face down slightly     
  • pinch the nostrils with your thumb and index finger    
  • keep the pressure, without releasing, for 10 minutes    
  • If the bleeding does not stop, or reappears immediately again, you must take him to a doctor.   
Avoid bending down, lying flat and scratching the inside of nostrils for a few hours

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