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About Once More Please

ONCE MORE PLEASE, a project of Heritage India Foundation, enables the common people, especially the uneducated, to meet health emergencies with confidence and equanimity, to get rid of unhealthy habits and to learn the procedural accuracy in administering medicines and other aspects of treating patients, by educating them through very short films. These films explain and demonstrate every detail in easy-to-understand and straight-forward language with engaging and illustrative visuals.


A healthier and brighter world in which all will be aware of the proper and timely action necessary To save lives in health emergencies and the correct procedures of preventive steps and patient care.


The Mission of the Project is to spread awareness on all aspects of health and hygiene, starting with the proper method of giving correct First Aid in health emergencies. Short films will be produced on health emergencies and propagated through all media facilities, both print and electronic, in all regional languages, targeting principally the common people of the developing countries, beginning with India and the SEAR countries, who are the least enlightened in such matters.

Why Films? – the easiest and fastest for complete communication

Films are the easiest and fastest means of making the common people grasp the message in its totality. The internet is still inaccessible to the common people, due to the digital divide that continues to plague the developing nations. Even those who have access will be confused by the millions of sites that disseminate misinformation. Main stream cinema is full of false advices and half-baked truths that lead viewers astray. Print media is a hurdle with too many medical jargons technical terms that are beyond the grasp of the common man. Direct person to person awareness campaigns and demonstrations are not feasible considering the vastness and variety of the potential audience. Hence the film remains the only medium that can carry the message.

The Approach – all-encompassing 360 degree approach

The 360 degree approach of the project encompasses all health emergencies and health advices and targets all segments of the society. This approach will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Positive attitude – giving more accent to the positive effects of medical systems and practices prevalent among different communities
  • Simple straight-forward language – avoiding flowery language, complicated structures and difficult technical/medical terms
  • Versions in regional languages – in all the regional languages of India and the other South East Asian Regional countries of Bangladesh, Bhutan, DPR Korea, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and East Timor.
  • Visuals preferred over words – wherever an illustrative image is available to make the idea clearer, visuals will be given preference over words
  • Medical infallibility – all the information will be checked and cross-checked at every stage by a team of highly proficient medical professionals
  • Technical perfection – the execution will utilise the latest technology and expert technicians to make the presentation technically flawless
  • Multimedia propagation – the distribution of the films and the dissemination of the message will make use of all multimedia facilities available including print media, electronic media and direct campaigns involving all sections of the community
  • Constant updating – there will be a periodical scrutiny of all the information used in the films and any substantial major changes in theory or practice will be followed by the production of a revised version of the film in question
  • Capsule form for saving time and money – the very short running time or capsule form limits the cost of production to the minimum and also keeps the narration interesting to the viewer from start to finish

The Focus – timely intervention, proper procedures, life-style changes

The focus will be on the early detection and understanding of the symptoms, the timely and proper administration of First Aid, application of natural and immediate remedies and proper procedures of medication and patient care. Healthy changes in habits and outlook are promulgated through these films. The prime focus will be on:

  • Awareness - Early detection, understanding the symptoms and taking preventive steps
  • First Aid - Proper and timely administration of First Aid
  • Procedures - Correct procedures of medication and patient care
  • Life Style - Healthy and basic changes in habits and outlook
  • Home Remedies - Application of natural and immediate remedies
  • Counselling – whenever and wherever it becomes necessary

The Challenges – misinformation, conflicts, language barriers, compression loss

The Challenges facing the execution of production and the easy dissemination of the message, other than the huge expenditure involved, are numerous and some of the main challenges are:

  • General ignorance – ignorance of the importance and unfamiliarity with procedures among the common people
  • Rampant misinformation - perpetrated by insufficiently-informed pseudo-professionals through the mainstream print and electronic media
  • Conflicts among professionals and organisations – divergent views on the causes, treatment and other procedures that are most suitable in an exigency
  • Lack of medical terms in regional languages – most of the regional languages either do not have equivalent medical terms or the people are not familiar with the equivalent regional language terms
  • Unfamiliarity with medical terms – common people, especially in the rural areas of developing countries, are unfamiliar with medical terms generally used by medical professionals and highly educated laymen
  • Compressing without losing content – fitting all the relevant and necessary information within the tiny time frame without losing significant details

The Execution – capsule form maximising striking power

All the films will be in capsule form to save time and money and to increase the striking power. Visuals will be given preference over words, as the films are expected to strongly influence the illiterate masses in far-flung rural areas of developing nations all over the world. The medical infallibility and technical perfection of the films are always ensured. Constant updating of information will be done to keep the products relevant in all respects.

The workflow of production and distribution starts with finding subjects and issues, collecting relevant and authoritative data from reliable sources, doing research work to verify the data and to select the most relevant pieces of information, preparing the synopsis and narration of the short film, getting the opinion of the medical board, writing the final script in English, getting final approval from the medical board and the advisory board, doing the actual production and post-production work, submitting the work to the medical board and advisory board, translating into regional languages, getting final approval of the regional language version from medical board and advisory board and, finally, releasing the products worldwide.

The Challenges

Unlike a feature films, any misinformation or oversight that gets into a film can destroy the essence and defeat the very purpose of the film. Therefore the process has been streamlined and perfected for maximum infallibility

The Distribution – the all-pervading outreach

The release will be through media like websites, social media, mobile platforms and TV Channels. All facilities for dissemination like theatres, flight displays, MRT –Railway-Bus Stations, Shopping Malls, Libraries, Hospitals and educational institutions will be utilised. NGOs, NSS, NCC, Scouts, Home Guards, Police, etc will be requested to be the messengers of this great humanitarian mission. The propagation will be through the print media, radio stations and all other communication facilities.

People to People

Every person who becomes aware of the message in a film is expected to share it with his dear and near. Mouth-to-mouth propagation of the knowledge imparted through the film will be the fastest and most popular method of dissemination of the contents of the Project.